Karen Mason-Jewelry Artist
I take great pride in being a self taught artist, designer, metal smith, and lifelong dreamer. Growing up along the beaches of North Carolina, I have always been mesmerized by the vast, cerulean sea, and all that she holds, as well as the boundless cosmos on a cloudless night. There is something to be said for the heady thrill of gazing upwards and witnessing the death of a star, streaking towards the earth while waves crash and foam around you, tugging at your ankles, pulling you...what a magnificent catalyst for creativity! Not only do my designs reflect my intrinsic love of nature, but my fascination with history and culture as well. Inspired by the mid-19th century bereavement custom of weaving a loved one's hair into jewelry and keepsakes, I use modern woven fibers to create free form, sculptural moving pieces, encapsulating pearls and treasures. I strive to share my vision of organic beauty through my work and hope it brings you pleasure.